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Unveiling the Secrets of an Ancient Ocean: Tracing Earth’s Past Oxygenation

Deep within the majestic Himalayas, a ground breaking discovery has emerged, unravelling the mysteries of a bygone era. A joint

Rudrakshi Gupta Rudrakshi Gupta

IMD issues heat wave warning for Pune

Pune, 12th May 2023: The India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune, has issued a warning to the citizens of Marathwada, Vidarbha,

Rudrakshi Gupta Rudrakshi Gupta

Supreme Court Permits the traditional sport Jallikattu and Upholds Tamil Nadu Amendments to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

In a landmark decision, a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has upheld the validity of the amendments made by

Rudrakshi Gupta Rudrakshi Gupta